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Boatwise was founded in 1990 by Captains Rick and his late wife Sue Kilborn with the objective of offering affordable and convenient education to the boating public. It was a natural transition for Captains Rick & Sue upon deciding to leave their successful careers as corporate directors in the fields of transportation and logistics in the high tech industry, due to their love of boating and teaching. With the encouragement of Federal, State and Local boating officials, they decided to move forward with their dream of offering quality boating education to the public in a compressed timeframe.

Captains Rick and Sue Kilborn and their staff of
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Boatwise pioneered the ď1 dayĒ class concept in boating education when the only available classes at the time were traditionally held over 9 to 13 weeks of 2 hour weeknight sessions. Growing very fast in popularity due to the convenience and superior quality of the professional education Boatwise was soon a household name associated with expertise in boating.
In the mid 1990ís, the USCG approached a number of chosen schools in the country, asking them to author a curriculum and testing series leading to the 6-pak and Masters licenses.
Boatwise was one of the first in the country to have its curricula and test approved by the USCG National Maritime Center in Washington, to substitute for their own testing processes for the licenses.
Boatwise is now one of the largest private Marine Training schools of its type on the east coast.

With a staff of 15 professional and USCG Licensed instructors across New England, Boatwise annually teaches hundreds of boaters the necessary skills to operate with safety and skill out on the water. Boatwise Instructors hold USCG Licenses from Master 100 Gross Ton through Master 1600 Gross Ton and several are Maritime Academy graduates.

Boatwise also founded the free popular web site database www.callacaptain.com, offering all levels of boaters access to professional Captains to help them with on the water training and vessel deliveries.

Boatwise has solid history working with a number of federal, state and local government agencies to help bring their department staff to a higher skill level.

Some of the agencies are; NOAA, National Marine Fisheries Service, Veteranís Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, US Coast Guard, Mass State Police, US Navy, Anteon Corporation, Hampton (NH) Fire Department, Boston, Fire Dept., Winthrop, MA Fire Dept., Southborough, MA Fire Dept., MA Commonwealth Corporation, Mass Work Investment Act (WIA) career retraining, Maine Career Centers (WIA), Portland USCG Small Boat Handling course and more.

Various Harbormasterís Departments in; Beverly, MA, Salisbury, MA, Salem, MA, Situate MA, Newbury, MA, Winthrop, MA, Hampton, NH, to name a few, have looked to Boatwise for their USCG License training needs. Gloucester Fishermanís Assistance Group contracted us to provide USCG Masterís License training for over 100 Gloucester Commercial fishermen yielding a 100% success rate for passing the exam. We were also contracted by the Portsmouth, NH Fire Dept. to provide training for over 90 Firefighters on all our non commercial course offerings as well as on the water and night cruising training on their new jet drive Fire Boat.

It is also important to note that the Boatwise USCG Masterís License class was approved as a 10 credit course at Roxbury Community College in Massachusetts demonstrating the quality of the training and course content. We held our 10 credit Masterís Class under the umbrella of Roxbury Community College for several years..

Boatwise has also been called upon by the USCG to hold Masterís License classes for their active duty personnel. Boatwise has completed Masterís classes for members of the USCG since 2010. 2 classes for Station Merrimack River in Newburyport, Massachusetts, USCG Base Boston, Station Gloucester, USCGC RELIANCE (2 classes), and USCGC CAMPBELL and has been contacted by several other stations for the same program.

Boatwise was one of the first training schools in the country to hold scheduled public classes on GPS Chartplotters and Radar. Starting these public classes in 1992 in partnership with Raymarine (then Raytheon Marine) allowed the new technology to be better understood. Boatwise continues this training today not only in the class room year round, but throughout the boating season both on its own training vessel ďTriple PlayĒ and also on customerís boats. Boatwise still uses Raymarine brand equipment in its recreational and professional training classes across the region. We have recently added a number of subjects to our electronics training; AIS, Fishfinders, Weather software, DSC Radio, Broadband Radar, Autopilots, Computer and tablet Apps and more, to make it the most comprehensive training on Marine Electronics in the Northeast and beyond.

Maptech Corporation contracted Boatwise exclusively, to conduct the training in New England for its high profile ďRed Carpet ProgramĒ. This training included instruction on the high end Sea Ray Navigator touch screen navigation systems offered as part of the larger Sea Ray vessel sales package.

You will find Boatwise instructors to be frequent speakers at all the major boat shows on topics of electronics, vessel safety, Navigation and USCG Licensing. When the larger east coast boat dealers are looking for quality training for an important customer, youíll find them calling Boatwise to supply it. Large dealers like Russo Marine hold Boatwise classes every weekend at their showroom in Medford, MA from October to April.

Many established Yacht clubs across New England have Boatwise return to their clubs annually to provide training for their members and families. Corinthian, Eastern and Boston Y.C. in Marblehead, Manchester Y.C, Wianno Y.C. in Hyannis, Hingham Y.C. as well as yacht clubs along the CT and ME coast. These are just a few of the clubs on this long list.

Boatwise continues to lead the way in offering key education to boaters across the 5 New England states. Consider Boatwise when you have training needs demanding the very best.



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